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-I once told Steve that he was the most expensive man I’ve ever known. Though the joke had a ring of truth to it, I for one can say that he’s worth every single penny. When Steve and I first began working together nine months ago, I was out shape, without endurance and more than a hundred pounds overweight. I was convinced that I would never again be my old self.

Steve is extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and was able to answer any questions I had. He never pressured me to count calories, took a look at what I was eating and highlighted the things I shouldn’t include in my diet and pushed me beyond my physical limitations (safely, of course). On the days I extremely lacked the courage and will to get through my workouts, he would even work out with me! Nine months of training and I’ve never done the same exercise twice. If my personal-fitness goals changed, Steve had a new diet and workout plan for every single one of them. Because of his expertise and guidance, I was able to pass my physical ability test for the firefighter academy in six minutes on a bum knee.

I look forward to working with him in the future. I can now say that I personally know Steve will take me to the top as my coach and trainer competing in figure bodybuilding. Nine months of training and 92 pounds down, I couldn’t possibly ask for anything more in a trainer and now a new friend. I can’t come up with enough words to express my gratitude for what Steve has done for me because I didn’t just get the old me back, I became a better me.
From Kamai W.

-Steve Orlando always watched how I moved during a workout and looked for areas of weakness. He determined what areas to work on before we began lifting. He gave me clear direction and changed my workout to ensure I get the strongest results possible. I've seen great results in my one year with Steve, and I look forward to continuing!
From Dave K.

I can say with confidence that without Steve's guidance and motivation, I would have faltered and given up on my weight-loss goals long ago. But knowing that I am being mentored by a professional trainer who has demonstrated that his attention to my physical limitations and weaknesses are always paramount on his mind. As he works with me, I have the confidence to excel and build on my calorie burn and physical conditioning.

With his careful guidance and coaching, I have managed to lose, as of this date, a total of 90 lbs.! I look forward to losing the next 25 en-route to my first goal of 185 (losing a total of 115 lbs. from start). For me, a most important yet overlooked side benefit to my weight loss has been my increased energy, better moods, higher self-esteem and feelings of self-worth that have come with 'feeling better / looking better!
From Andy M.

-If I had to sum up Steve both as a person and as a trainer in one word, that word would be "AWESOME." As a trainer, Steve is very careful to make sure he understands your personal goals and helps you set realistic timelines and expectations. Whether new or experienced, he helps you craft a plan and helps you through that plan toward your goals. As a person, Steve is truly genuine. He seeks to understand his clients as individuals.
From Eric H.

-Back in 2004, I dislocated both of my shoulders tearing a few ligaments in my left shoulder. After several years of recovery and getting out of shape, I decided I didn't want to be that out-of-shape dad that can't keep up with his two boys in a few years. So I joined "My Way Fitness" (previously named " Anytime fitness") back in December 2010. I worked out with two co-workers for a good six months, and during that time didn't really have a strict diet or work out plan.

In May 2011, Steve Orlando started asking when I was going to let him train me. Let's just say that in six weeks of training with Steve, I noticed a bigger difference than in the six months I trained alone. I feel much better and can definitely tell the difference. If anyone is considering training with Steve, DO IT. I am 220% satisfied with my choice to do so. Steve is a great trainer and a cool guy in my book.
From Lu C.


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